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Maret 31, 2008

My an Exciting Holiday

Hello, I would like to tell you about my holiday last year.
It was an exciting trip, I think all of us have known about Bali. It is famous island, not only in Indonesia but also in the world.
Well, I’ll tell to you about my trip to Bali. I went holiday to Bali on July 2007, I went there with my parents and my aunt more then less 5 days. We departed from Jakarta on Thursday at06.00 pm and arrived in Bali at 07.15 pm and then checked in Harris Legian Resort hotel for staying when we were in Bali. Arriving in the hotel. We prayed after that we went out looking for a place for dinner.
In the morning ( at the second day ) we had breakfast at the hotel before continuing our trip to Tanah Lot, took some photos with the corral reef scene, snake and sunset. Before back to hotel, we bought some souvenirs, in the night we went to Jimbaran for dinners with menu roasted fish.
In the morning ( the next day ), after having breakfast we continued our trip to Nusa Dua.
So many water playing that we enjoyable, for example : flying fish, jet sky, banana boat and paraseling. I played paraseling twice and how very exciting. At the noon, we went to Penyu Island by using glass bottom boat. In this place we look so many turtles and took some photos, I didn’t forget bought some souvenirs.

After visisting Penyu Island, we went back to hotel for taking a rest. At 17.00 pm, we ( I, my mom and my aunt ) went to Kuta Square for shopping. We bought some souvenirs like Bali Joger T-shirt, handicraft, etc. I also bought Roxy pack bag, some Roxies trade mark like T-shirt, c lothes and penc il case.
The last day we went to Sukowati Market and Kuta Beach. In this place, we bought some souvenirs too because in Sukowati the price is cheaper than another place. Didn’t forget my mom also bought bed cover and Salak Bali. After finishing bought something, we went to “ Bali Bersalju “. It’s amazing place, it’s very cold with the temperature is minus 5 degrees centigrade celcius, Wow !!! the “ Bali Bersalju “ there are so many snows and ice relief with the shape of animals, Borobudur temple, Pisa tower, Eiffel tower, ship etc.
Before going back to the hotel , we went to Kuta Beach and the afternoon we saw the sunset. Its very beautiful and it’s amazing for us. Before taking a rest at the hotel, we had dinner first.
We went back to Jakarta in the morning the fifth day. This is “ my experience “ or “ my exciting holiday “ for I was in Bali.
I hope I can go to Bali again because it’s veri intering place for visiting.

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