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Februari 25, 2009

the way i loved you

heeii... jangan salah sangka liat judulnya,

aku bukan mau nyeritain cowo. hiyy

aku mau ngasih lirik lagunya taylor swift, judulnya ' the way i loved you '

The Way I Loved You

he is sensible and so incredible

and all my single friends are jealous

he said everything i need to hear and it's like

i couldn't ask for anything better

he opens up my door and i get into his car

and he says " you look beautiful tonight "

and i fel perfectly fine

Reff : But i miss screaming and fighting

and kissing in the rain

it's 2 a.m and i'm cursing your name

your so in love that you act insane

and that's the way i lived you

Breakin'n down and coming undone

it's a roller coaster kinda rush

and i never knew i could feel this much

and that's the way i loved you

he respect my space

and never makes me wait

and he calls exactly when he says he will

He's close to my mother

talks bussiness with my fathet

hi's charming and endearing

and i'm comfortable

* Back to reff

He can't see the smile

i'm faking and my heart's not breaking

cause i'm not feeling anything at all

and you were wild and crazy

just so frustating intoxicating complicated

got away by some mistake and now

*Back to reff ( nyanyiin nya rada sendu )
And that's the way i loved you ohh ohh
never knew i could feel that much
and that's the way i loved youu

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